Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

Fibre Internet Access (FIA) Overview

Fibre Internet Access service provides customers with access to the Internet via SEACOM’s global high-speed data network and delivered directly to customer’s premises over last-mile fibre connectivity. In today’s world, high-speed, reliable Internet Access is essential to the support of business processes and systems.

SEACOM has pioneered the landscape for affordable Internet across the African continent.

Our resilient global IP backbone and Tier-1 peering partners allows us to deliver a superior Internet experience directly to business customers at affordable price points.

  • Symmetrical: Upload & Download speeds are at chosen line rate
  • Contention: Low contention ratio ensures high speed even during peak times
  • Unshaped: No rate limiting of any protocols ensures maximum usage capability.
  • Uncapped: Unlimited data usage
  • Customer Premises Device: Included
  • IP Address: IP Address Assignment: Limited to /29 for IPv4 & /56 for IPv6
  • SLA: Availability: Standard (99.9%)
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