Fibre Internet Access + FTTH

Service features

  • Bandwidth Plans: Up to 1 Gbps
  • Symmetrical: Upload & Download speeds are at chosen line rate
  • Uncapped: Unlimited data usage
  • Unshaped: No rate-limiting of any protocols, which ensures maximum usage at all times
  • Customer Premises Device: Included
  • IP Address: /29 for IPv4 (8 addresses) & /56 for IPv6 (virtually unlimited addresses)

What is Fibre Internet Access?

Blue Sky Communications - 'BSC' Fibre Internet Access Service provides customers with access to the Internet via BSC’s global high-speed data network and is delivered directly to the customer’s premises using last-mile fibre connectivity.


The Fibre Internet Access Service is provisioned across 'BST'’s robust global IP/MPLS network, which is interconnected to major Partners across Africa and Europe. The network provides low latency access to major CDN caches, and offers a high speed, unshaped and symmetrical Service with bandwidth up to 1 GIGABIT per second. Our Fibre Internet Access Service provides a cost-effective, high-availability connectivity solution, right to your business.

Who is it for?

  • Home, Small, Medium & Large Businesses
  • Content & OTT providers

Fibre Coverage