Who We Are


Blue Sky Communications, a global leader in all Satellite, Fibre, Wireless and Underground Radio communication solutions, and has been developing, building and operating Satellite, Fibre, Wireless and Radio networks for the last 18 years.

Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to introduce new technologies that redefine the standards for the industry. This has led us to develop a direct to home internet service via satellite for home users outside of Fibre and Wireless coverage zones and to start providing Fibre connectivity to the home and businesses in South Africa.
By using the concept “Lead with Wireless follow with Fibre”, we have been able to connect more developments faster to the internet. This service is specifically tailored for the whole family. Offering speeds up to, 100Mbps. Our end goal is to be able to provide a 1Gbps service to home users very soon.

Visit our Satellite Internet site: http://www.gigasat.co.za and Fibre to the Home site: www.blue-fibre.co.za  for additional information about our solutions.

Our customers include major corporations and governments across the world and our name is synonymous with reliable solutions, passive defense communications, secure communications, and stress free services, no matter where you are on the planet.