Blue Sky Communications offers advanced Mobile & Fixed Satellite Communications, Tunnel Radio Solutions, Fibre to the Home and Business, with a variety of features:

  • A sophisticated infrastructure of linked satellite and land networks.
  • Multi-network communications through a single system.
  • Remote Internet access through increasingly smaller, lighter and low cost satellite terminals.
  • Decreased client costs through technology which automatically routes signals along the most cost effective path.
  • Continually expanded and upgraded infrastructure through partnership with manufacturers, application developers, resellers and international developers.
  • A state of the art fleet Fibre network, witha Tier 1 access node at Terraco and with access to over 360 POPs around the world.
  • Providing DMR Radio, Tetra Radio and CB radio equipment.
  • Tunnel and Underground Radio communications solutions.
  • Mine Radio safety solutions
  • Providing Multi-Band Cellular repeaters (3G & LTE).